KuBiB e.V.

The association and its aims

KuBiB was founded in 2010. The associations aims are to build and run a cultural and educational centre. The association follows non-profit guidelines. The associationĀ“s aims are, amongst others:
– culture and art in a rural context.
– equality.
– environmental protection.
– caring for maintaining the land.
An conscious engagement with the local environment and for diversity, is intended to be encouraged through appropriate educational initiatives (for example courses, educational events, exhibitions, film screening screenings etc).

Association registration number: VR 571 7FF
Tax number: 064/140/12564
IBAN: DE87 4306 0967 1125 4305 00
GLS Bank Bochum

Quecke is looking for donors!

With your donation (either a one off or on a monthly basis) KuBiBĀ“s projects and initiatives can be funded and with it the collective workshop and retreat centre with its diversity / anti discrimination focus too.

The bank details are:
KuBiB e.V.
IBAN: DE87 4306 0967 1125 4305 00
GLS Bank Bochum
Reference for single and monthly donations: Donation
Kubib is a non profit organisation and can offset receipts for tax. Please get in touch via mail if that could be of use to you.


We send out a monthly newsletter containing current developments, invitations to events and similar information. If you are interested please send a mail to info(at)quecke.net.