The Quecke


Quecke project is located an hour from Berlin at the edge of the Oder valley. The project and its grounds belong to KuBiB association which includes different initiatives. An important initiative is the workshop centre with it´s focus on diversity and anti-discrimination. The workshop and seminar house was initiated by a collective connected to queer-feminist circles.
An aim is to create an alternative to existing activities and institutions in Berlin and Brandenburg. This places a high value on a conscious approach to privileges and about access to resources. All of the initiatives and individuals participating in the project space are connected by a strong awareness of mainstream society´s ruling repressive structures and a strong connection to emancipation/ liberation movements. We want to make a statement against racism and xenophobia particularly in a rural context and are creating an access point for befriended refugees who live not far away in temporary accommodation. With the workshop and seminar house we also want to create a space for people who are affected by discrimination or those who are involved in fighting discrimination.

We are locals and people who live in Berlin and other places, and are not continuously on site. We make decisions autonomously and in solidarity, maintain contact among current and future users of the property and support the associations work by practical financial and administrative means.

We believe that the potential of a collectively organised new start lies in the expansion of user ship, stronger more reliable and responsible networks and active participation from city folks. Together we dream of the utopia of a self-organised space, in solidarity together where discrimination free space can be possible and we are attempting to do all we can that to make that happen.

Layout of the property and surrounding area.

Quecke is located in Cöthen, which is a hamlet connected to the village of Falkenberg. To the west of the property lies a picturesque village and to the east forest, meadows and cornfields stretching to the horizon. A train station Falkenberg (Mark) is situated three kilometers down hill and can be accessed in an hour from Berlin Hauptbahnhof, Gesundbrunnen or Lichtenberg stations.

The buildings comprise of a four story main house, which was once a boarding school, a two story smaller gatehouse, several garages, workshops and sheds as well as another building urgently in need of renovation. In the main building a workshop space is being constructed and the cellar is being redesigned to be a space for events of the KuBiB association. Behind the main building there´s a vegetable garden and at the southern end of the property is an ancient orchard.

The nearest lake for swimming is 15 minutes away by bike. The grounds are surrounded by a silent beech tree forest with a small stream and waterwheel, through which walks can be undertaken. The expansiveness of the landscape is an invitation to find peace and to escape the hectic of city life.