Come and party with us!

Dresscode? Of minor importance, as we’re on the countryside. BUT: If you want to stay overnight, please let us know (, especially if you need a bed. There’s a lot of space for bedrolls and camping mats. Feel free to bring your tent. We’ll take care of the drinks and there’ll be a big pot of vegan chili. It would be lovely if you could bring more stuff to eat.

Looking forward to seeing you! warm greetings, Quecke


Quecke News February/March

As the streams and rivers unfreeze… Quecke warms up and gets more and more active:

* The first flower and vegetable beds are being prepared and the frame of a new greenhouse takes form.

* Save the date – summer party
We have achieved a lot and we want to celebrate this! The date for the upcoming summer party is May 6th 2017. We will send the invitation with all the info separately.

* Save the date II – open house day: April 9th 2017.
Many people know the Quecke project, its workshop center under construction, the garden, the green, the spacious area, the woods, its potential, its people… We are organising an open house day for those who want to get in touch where you can meet us, ask questions and go for a walk in the beautiful surroundings.