support quecke

Many people have supported the project with voluntary work. We are asking you too to help keep the project running!

There are several options:

Monthly donation by standing order.

You can support the workshop centre with a monthly donation. The idea is to enable the costs for participants to be kept low.

Place a standing order today for 1, € 3, € or 10, € that is a symbolic quantity for us that shows how much support there is for the idea.
KuBiB e.V.
IBAN: DE87 4306 0967 1125 4305 00
GLS Bank Bochum
reference: donation

Many thanks to all those, who are supporting the workshop and seminar house with a donation monthly total of 250 € !
Monthly supporters can receive our newsletter with information about where the money is going, invitations to public meetings, work weeks, new initiatives and will be kept up to date.
You can also make a single donation, for example via:

The completion of outstanding building works is looking doubtful due to a lack of financial resources.
The project is non-profit and we regularly apply for grants which can be a great deal of work. Even so many costs remain not covered. Some examples of these costs can be found on the crowd funding page.
Please help us to spread the word per E-mail and social media!
We are not very active per facebook. There are supporters who are running a facebook page for us there. Thanks for that!
If you are also on facebook, you can find a Quecke page there.

Kubib is a non profit organisation and can offset receipts for tax. Please get in touch via mail if that could be of use to you.